Apaneca Blend


We’re excited to introduce you to our Apaneca Blend, a medium roast from Guatemala and El Salvador.

This medium blend makes a beautiful filter coffee or a smooth sweet espresso.

It tastes of milk chocolate, caramel, green apple and sugar cane.

Bag Size

250g, 1000g

Brew Method

Aeropress, Batch Brewer, Cold Brew, Espresso Machine, V60

Select Wholebean or Grind for your brew method:

Coarse – Cafetiere, Fine – Moka & Espresso, Medium – Pourover (Aeropress, V60 or Batch Brewer), Wholebean

Brew Type

Espresso, Filter




El Salvador, Guatemala


Arabica Bourbon, Arabica Caturra

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The Apaneca blend is new for Winter 2017.

It combines two really beautiful single origin coffees to create something rather special from Central America.

Both coffees have been roasted individually and post blended.

El Salvador Apaneca

Mauricio Salaverria, the farmer and owner has been placed in the top 10 in the Cup of Excellence and continues a family tradition of specialty coffees with 6 small farms located at an altitude between 1300 and 1600 meters above sea level. Mauricio has invested in an ecological treatment plant in his Villa Galicia plantation and has mastered the coffee preparation process to perfection.

As in his other farms, Mauricio is keen to promote shade and therefore trees. Complementary to the cultivation of coffee, shade trees help protect soil and reduce water stress in coffee during the dry season, promoting soil drainage. They are also useful barriers to wind, harmful to coffee trees. Mauricio dedicates his efforts to be a producer respectful of the environment, but also of his workers, with notably higher wages than elsewhere. This time, Mauricio has prepared a blend of several of his coffees, meticulously chosen to perfect the sweet methods. The result is balanced and fruity, scoring an impressive 86+ on the cupping table.

Guatemala La Mochilita

The Ovalle family is one of the most renowned Guatemalan families in the world of specialty coffee. Their numerous Cup of Excellence prizes and the positioning of their coffees in the most renowned roasting companies in the world helped them acquire this reputation.

La Mochilita (little backpack in Spanish) is a blend from their three farms: El Rincon, Terrazas and La Bolsa. These farms, located on La Libertad town, has a total surface area of 133 hectares. Blend from two varieties, red bourbon and caturra processed in fully-washed, la Mochilita is produced on a limestone soil typical from the Huehuetenango region, which brings all the typicality of this terroir.
All the coffee is processed at Finca La Bolsa as it is the only farm having a wet mill. The wet mill is just by a water spring (50m), so the water used to wash the coffee comes directly from the soil. the water doesn’t go thought any pipes or machines. It is a pristine, pure an drinkable water.
The fermentation lasts from 16 to 30 hours depending on the weather, as temperatures can reach 33-35°C. The coffee dries on patios with a constant moving to avoid fermentation.
Over 2000 lots come out the Mill. La Mochilita is a blend of lots that scores 84+, with an acid, chocolaty and lightly spicy profile. That is what La Mochilita should be!
All the farms produce coffee under shade.