La Magdalena



Great sweetness. Juicy ripe plums, raspberry candy and cherry cordial. Great fruit intensity.Very sweet and characteristic.

A stunning example from a wonderful coop in Central Huila, in Colombia. Dont be put off by the fact that this is a blend (made up of lots that were too small to be purchased individually), it’s a really fantastic coffee. They’re all from the same area of neighbouring farms. The members of the cooperative normally have 2-3 hectare farms.


La Magdalena is a river in Huila that passes through the Tarqui region in central Huila. This coffee is a mix of micro lots from single producers.

Coffees are picked in 3-4 passes. Meaning the producers/workers pick the ripe cherries in one block. Then they might wait a few weeks until there’s a descent amount of ripe cherries to pick in that same place. The coffee from Huila is generally fully washed, meaning pulped and fermented the traditional way. They normally stir the coffees in tanks or small channels before they remove the floaters. For the smallholders in regions like Huila the coffees are commonly sun dried in parabolic dryers that almost works as green houses.

SCA Score : 89

Variety: Caturra
Processing: Fully washed
Harvest: April 2018
Altitude: 1800m (masl)