Hermelinda Valle



Well balanced, round and creamy  with notes of passion fruit

One of the most beautiful single origin coffees we have ever had the pleasure of roasting. Grown with passion in the department of Comayagua in the municipality of Villas San Antonio Village in Las Botijas, this coffee is grown slowly at an altitude of 1550m (masl). The coffee is called after the grower, Jose Duran’s wife, Hermelinda. Together with their four children, they cultivate a variety that has an excellent quality in the cup because of proper handling and a rigorous milling process. Contour planning and the establishment of hedgerows throughout the farm preserve the soil resulting in this beautiful coffee, best suited to filter or pourover methods.


This wonderful coffee was sourced through our partners, Nordic Approach who pay growers typically twice the current market price or fairtrade minimum price. They always pay farmers and producers a premium and each coffee is fully traceable back to a specific farm. These coffees are relatively more expensive for this reason, but given the quality this produces, we believe this micro lot is well worth it.

SCA Score : 86.25

Arabica Variety: Catuai Pacamara

Harvest Period: May 2018

Milling Process: Washed, patio dried

Body: Round / Full

Acidity: Pleasant