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Finca La Pradera is owned by Oscar Daza, located in the Santander region, near Aratoca village in Colombia. Oscar has great faith in shade production, with no fewer than 15 different tree species. Finca La Pradera is organic and bird friendly certified.

The Bird Friendly standards are the strictest of all environmental standards. Farms must not only be certified organic, but also meet additional criteria to ensure the forest cover serves as a habitat for birds & other wildlife. Bird Friendly coffees therefore offer all the environmental benefits of an organic coffee. These additional standards call for at least 40% shade coverage and serve to preserve the diversity and size of the trees making up the forest canopy. They ensure a variety of habitats exist, supporting an abundance of wildlife. Surveys conducted by biologists have revealed that a shade coffee plantation harbours almost as much biodiversity as a rainforest.

Works well as either a sweet espresso or a beautiful filter coffee.


Arabica Variety: Mainly a blend of Castillo & Tabi

Harvest Period: Sep – Dec 2021 at 1700masl

Milling Process: Semi Washed process with drying on patios

Weight N/A

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Oscar Daza, is the owner and coffee producer of Finca La Pradera in Aratoca (in the region of Santander). Oscar has taken the farm over from his father, José Rosario Daza and today he heads a group of eight farms, four of which belong to his family.

All are certified organic and Bird Friendly. He is the first in the region to finance his own organic certification, which is something the Federation generally pays for. He has an entrepreneurial temperament, and it was this that pushed him to become independent, in order to find his own customers, be free to make his own decisions and manage his production in line with his own vision of coffee growing.

He has great faith in shade production, and with no fewer than 15 different tree species in Finca La Pradera. His agroforestry system goes against the Federation’s recommendations, but he stands firmly by it. He is sure that preserving shade coffee production and quality can only improve his coffee.