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Organic Colombia – Los Vascos


The coffee that contributes to Los Vascos is harvested and processed on
micro-mills on each farm. The way the coffee producers process this coffee is
washed. It all starts with doing a cherry picking of the ripe cherries with pickers
they hire either from the region or who come during harvest season to work.
Around 30% of the coffee producers let the cherries ferment before pulping
for around 12 to 18 hours. Then, the majority, pulps the coffee without water
and ferments the beans in tiled covered tanks, bathtub-like, for 18 to 30 hours
without water. Afterwards, the beans are commonly taken to the drying
stations which can be either parabolic covered patios or Casa Elda, a rooftop
patio with a retractable roof. The beans are let to dry from 15 to 25 days depending
on the climate and then stored in bags at the farm for around 1 to 2 weeks
before being taken to the warehouse at Bilbao, where the coee it is analyzed
for quality. The Quality Analyst will do a physical and sensory analysis to every
single individual lot received at the warehouse to score the coee and pay
accordingly. All the approved lots are transported to Armenia, to our dry mill
where they are processed and packed before traveling to port.

Tasting notes of milk chocolate, & red berries.

Works well as either espresso or filter coffee.


Arabica Variety: Mainly a blend of Red caturra , Colombia & Castillo
Harvest Period: Mar – Aug 2023

Milling Process: Fully washed on patio

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The south of Tolima is a place rich in water sources, good soil and mountainous, with heavy vegetation.
It is in this area where you’ll arrive to the small-town of Bilbao, nestled in between the mountains,
and part of the bigger municipality of Planadas. Los Vascos started in 2015 with the opening
of the warehouse in Bilbao. The name of the brand derives from the same name of the town, as it is
also a major city in the Spanish Basque country. But most importantly, the name is a direct allusion
to the Basque people known for their resilience and agricultural practices. The Basques are known
for their hard work and now a day also for their innovation in cuisine, in a rugged place such as the
Basque Country against the sea and full of green mountains. This spirit is imbued in the coffee
growers of this area which constantly produce amazing coffees and have started to experiment and
innovate at their farms. They have challenged the status quo and pushed forward, following that
entrepreneurial and resilient spirit of the Basques.

Bilbao was founded around 1929 by four settlers who were looking for better lands and opportunities.
They saw the potential of this land for agriculture which through time became an amazing spot
due to its climatic and soil conditions for coffee. The soils here have a great layer of organic material,
good water drainage and with adequate acidity. Besides coffee you’ll find other crops in the area
such as corn and beans, in addition to the smaller crops they have at the farms for their own
consumption such as plantain, yuca, arracacha and some vegetables.