Organic El Salvador – Oasis



The Ahuachapan region, located a few kilometres north of Ataco, is a region with a strong coffee-producing history. It benefits from good year-round water availability, dense forests and soils rich in organic matter that make it a unique terroir well-suited to quality coffee production.

Tasting notes : beautifully balanced mix of sugar cane, chocolate, red fruit

Works well as either espresso or filter coffee.


Arabica Variety: Mainly a blend of Castillo, Tabi 
Harvest Period: March 2021 
Milling Process: Fully Washed and dried on patios
Acidity: Low to Medium

Weight N/A

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In the Ahuachapan region of El Salvador, 10 small coffee farmers united to create an oasis of high-quality, organic, environmentally friendly coffee. By maintaining a ratio of 40% untouched forest to 60% coffee trees grown under a diversified, three-strata shade canopy, the farm itself serves as a home to many endemic species, thus promoting biodiversity, actually increasing ecological stability.

Finca Oasis’s coffee is likewise a beautiful balance of sweetness and fruit – a harmony of complementary flavours.

The topic of organic coffee can be polarizing. For those in favour of it, the environmental benefits of organic production are obvious. Those on the other side might mention the inefficient and expensive certification process, and the fact that in some countries it’s nearly impossible to have a good harvest without any chemicals. The fact is that organic coffees are more expensive. Production costs are higher, as labour costs tend to be higher than in non-organic production. Mixing compost and then hauling it to the fields and weeding by hand will always be more work than spraying synthetic herbicides or fertilizers. As an organic coffee farmer, you will be responsible for the cost of inspection, which includes the travel and lodging expenses of certifying auditors, as well as annual certification fees. This effectively puts organic certification out of reach for most small-scale farmers unless they are part of a cooperative, in which case certifying costs can be split between all members. Our El Salvador Oasis is one such cooperative of 100% organic small sized coffee farmers, all arabica and all single origin.