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Ethiopia is the home of coffee, and it is where coffee was first grown many centuries ago. Ethiopia’s reputation is highly regarded for some of the most extraordinary flavour profiles and for beans grown in high altitude, and from native coffee forest. The producer of this beautiful coffee is Khalid Shifa. Khalid inherited his farm from his grandfather and he is particularly attached to his farm having grown up here. The coffee is all arabica, Ethiopian heirloom, grown using organic farming methods, harvested by hand, and is fully washed process drying the coffee on African beds. This produces an extraordinary profile delicate; sweet, smooth and stunningly delicious as a pourover. We also roast this darker for espresso with exceptionally good results producing a full bodied coffee with characteristic citrus notes, chocolate and vanilla. Altitude 2100m+

Species Arabica Heirloom

Harvest Period November to January 2022

Harvest Type Manual Process Fully washed and dried on African beds

Weight N/A
Brew Method

Aeropress, Batch Brewer, Cafetiere, Espresso Machine, Pourover

Ground or Wholebean

Ground, Wholebean

Bag Size

250g, 1000g

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When Khalid inherited the farm from his grandfather, the small coffee plantation was created using plants sourced from the Choche forest which, according to legend, is the birthplace of Ethiopian coffee. Khalid still has varietals sourced from Choche at his farm, which he considers part of their unique heritage. He is hugely passionate and the family farm has now grown to over 35 hectares in the Jimma appelation at an altitude of 2100m. It is situated in a rich environment with a biodiversity that Khalid and his brother are working to maintain. They have set up a nursery for new coffee plants and have 25 African beds for drying coffee. Khalid continues to develop both washed, natural and honey processes following recommendations from our wholesaler Belco’s team locally in Addis and their collaborative work has allowed Khalid to refine the quality which just gets better and better. This cup score is 86.5