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KEKCHI is a coffee from the Coban terroir, produced by the FEDECOVERA cooperative (Federacion de Cooperativas de las Verapaces). Created in 1976, this cooperative brought together a small group of producers, and today it brings together 42 cooperatives and 21 associations. In total, FEDECOVERA represents 33,000 producer families. In Guatemala, there are 22 Mayan communities and the producers of FEDECOVERA belong to two of them: Q’eqchi (hence the name of this coffee) and Poqomchi. The cooperative was born around coffee, and over time it has diversified into other agricultural products such as cardamom, cocoa, tea, pepper and turmeric.

Of the 42 cooperatives, 24 produce coffee, 3 of which are organic and many are in the process of being certified. In 1996, FEDECOVERA started to carry out reforestation projects by creating nurseries and each year more than 4 million plants are cultivated. The coffees grow under the shade of tropical forests (endemic and planted) between 1320 and 1500 meters above sea level. The varieties grown are caturra, catuai & bourbon. Each cooperative has its own beneficio. 98% of the coffees are washed, they are fermented between 8 and 13 hours before being dried on patios or African beds. The coffee pulp is used as fertiliser at the foot of the coffee trees.

Works well as either a sweet espresso or a beautiful filter coffee.

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Coban is a rainy, cold and cloudy producing area in the north of Guatemala, and this is true throughout the year. Cobán has two seasons: one rainy and one very rainy. Most of the coffee trees grow in tropical forests. The rains reach record levels from May to December. During the rest of the year, Guatemalans refer to it as “chipi” because the region is under a fine mist. This is the most remote region of the country where any means of transport is difficult and expensive, but it is also where we find very distinctive coffees. The coffee growing areas are located between 1300 and 1500 meters above sea level and the most cultivated varieties are Bourbon, Maragogype, Catuai, Caturra and Pache.