Our Christmas coffee proved a real hit when it first made its debut for Christmas 2016. We always use the Christmas coffee to fundraise for local charities and for 2023, we’re proud to support UNICEF in providing basic food & healthcare for the children of GAZA. Our limited-edition Christmas coffee consists of 100% organic Arabica beans from Honduras, all harvested in 2023, and roasted a little darker to produce nutty dark chocolate flavours which are simply beautiful as the weather gets a little colder. Our Christmas coffee is a real crowd pleaser, dark, rich, sweet and nutty. Its versatile and will make either a great cafetiere coffee, or a rich espresso, great with milk. As the nights get that bit longer, it really is a hug in a mug on those cold winter mornings! Available while stocks last, & onsale online until Tuesday 19th December 2023

Weight N/A
Tasting Notes

Roasted Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Mixed Spice



Brew Type

Espresso, Filter

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This coffee is grown in the region of Marcala at altitudes of between 1,200 and 1,700 metres and harvested between December and March 2023. It is produced by several COMSA partner producers (Café Organico Marcala) using organic farming techniques.

COMSA is a private company that takes a sustainability-based approach to coffee farming. The cooperative supports producers wishing to introduce state-of-the-art organic farming methods. The cooperative works hand in hand with its farms to promote the switch from conventional farming techniques to an organic agriculture underpinned by strong environmental values. The 700 or so producers who work with the company receive regular training in coffee cupping and organic farming. The cooperative also subsidises the education of local children in order to help future generations.