Santa Martha both



David Rodriguez Batres is the second-generation coffee producer on this farm. The first owner was Isreal Escalante. He started with about 14 hectares and has slowly grown his farm to its current size (45.5 hectares). At the beginning, very few people belived that he could make something successful out of his farm due to its high altitude of 1,800 to 2,000 MASL. But David has shown that he has produced excellent qualities and increased the volume of total production. At the moment, he does the depulping at another farm, but he is constructing his own wet mill. The coffee is sundried on patios.

Weight N/A

Tasting notes of Deep Stone Fruits, Dark Chocolate, heavier body and a long and lasting finish

Works well as either espresso or filter coffee.

Santa Marta coffee comes from the Mataquescuintla area of Guatemala. The coffee is grown in high elevations from 1800-2,200 meters with over 1,600 ml of rainfall per year. Its one of our favourite coffees from the 2019 harvest, and as a flat white, tastes velvet smooth, rich, full of chocolate wafer sweetness. We source our Guatemala coffee from our friends at PrimaVera Coffee who source ethically and support farmers paying a decent premium for quality.


Arabica Variety: Red Bourbon

Harvest Period: January – February 2019

Milling Process: Washed, patio dried

Soil: Loamy clay soils

Acidity: Pleasant