Our Story

It’s been an epic journey based on the love of coffee.

I’m a self-confessed coffee geek. Growing up, we always drank coffee at home. I remember playing with a coffee percolator at a young age, fascinated by the aroma and the theatre of brewing.

At primary school, I even had the privilege of making coffee for a handful of teachers who trusted my ability to brew a great cup. That’s a long time ago and many cups of coffee later, my love of coffee has never diminished.

But it has evolved. I will never forget tasting my first Ethiopian heirloom brewed on a V60 pour-over in Melbourne in 2014. I never knew coffee could taste so sweet, so delicate and so floral. I was immediately hooked by the whole roasting process to produce such an amazing cup of coffee unlike anything I had ever tasted before. I’ve dedicated the last two years to learning more. It’s become a vocation to help showcase what coffee can really taste like.

I trained at The London School of Coffee under Morten Munchow, a chemist from the University of Copenhagen and Coffee Mind A/s. I’ve also taken barista training with Jeremy Challender from Prufrock Coffee in London, and more recently obtained the Intermediate Diploma in Barista Skills from the professional body Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) in Riccione, Italy September 2015.

I also worked with Ida Kofod, from University of Copenhagen and Coffee Mind A/s and undertook sensory evaluation, so important to coffee roasters with the ability to blind taste and correctly identify flavour and aroma.

Coffee roasting has taken me all over the world, both in training, and in sourcing. I’m continually updating my own skills as a roaster, and I’m incredibly excited to finally launch my own range of coffee.

But I’m at my happiest at home in The Burren – together with my partner Alan and our hound Charley.