Nicaragua – Los Pozitos


This is a coffee that really means something special to us.

The coffee farm is located in the stunningly beautiful highlands of Nicaragua, in Central America. Located in the Jinotega department north of Matagalpa, this coffee is grown at altitudes of 1200-1500 MASL. The farm is 35 hectares in size, in pristine rain forest and coffee is grown together with many other crops, such as banana, plaintain, avocado etc encouraging both shade, and biodiversity. The farm is owned and managed by our friend Edwin Burgos Garcia who we had the absolute privilege of meeting in Nicaragua back in January 2024.

We spent much time on this farm at harvest, seeing first hand the work that Edwin and his team do to consistently produce high quality washed coffees. What makes this coffee special for us was also witnessing how good Edwin looks after his farm workers. They are paid substantially more to pick only ripe coffee cherries, they are provided with meals and other facilities far superior to other farms in the department. We have hugely happy memories of our time with Edwin and we’re super proud to finally showcase his beautiful coffees.

Tasting Notes : Red apple, frangipane and brown sugar & a rich creamy body

Arabica Variety: Caturra, Catuai, & Java
Harvest Period: Dec – Feb

Milling Process: Depulping, soaking the coffee for between 12 – 18 hrs, before washing with fresh water,  & dried on raised beds at El Beneficio La Estrella

Weight N/A
Finca Los Pozitos was initially part of a big 210-hectare hacienda
called Los Pozitos, owned by the Estatanges Family.
In the 1980’s, the land was confiscated by the government,
divided into pieces and distributed between 60 members
of the Mauricio Altamirano Cooperative.
In 2009, Edwin Burgos Garcia acquired 35 hectares
of this land, 28 of which were planted with coffee.
Edwin decided to call the farm Los Pozitos, to honour the
land’s history.

Before acquiring the land, Edwin realised that the farm for
a long time had been quite forgotten and abandoned. As a
result, he knew that to get it up and running again would
be no easy task.

In the proceeding years he has managed to renovate the whole coffee plantation,
planting traditional varieties to produce high quality coffees. Today, due to his
great management and hard work, Edwin produces 10 times more than what was being produced
when he started out at Los Pozitos.