Organic Brazil – ‘Bob-o-Link’


The Bobolink is a species of migratory bird that is finding it increasingly difficult to make its journey from Patagonia to the northern hemisphere due to the intensive farming practices that have spread all over the Americas.

This coffee was called ‘Bob-o-Link’ because it is produced using farming methods that focus on the environment.

Initiated by the FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza), it is a unique sustainable coffee project aimed at changing not only the way coffee is produced, but also more generally the lifestyles of an entire community. The project, set up by Marcos Croce at his farm, is now supported by over 50 producers from Mococa, in Sao Paulo, and Caparao, in Espirito Santo.
Bob-o-Link coffee is grown under shade using methods that take the environment into account and that significantly reduce the use of chemicals. The farm is situated on a semi-mountainous terroir in Brazil, at altitudes of between 900 and 1,300 metres, and the producers involved in the project harvest cherries by hand only, in a very selective manner and at optimum maturity. This manual harvesting technique contrasts with the image of mechanical harvesting usually associated with Brazil.

Harvested only at FAF and dried on terraces, the cherries are then processed at the farm for an intense and chocolatey result.

Tasting notes of Tropical Fruit, Roasted Hazelnut, with a great body and an elegant dark chocolate finish.

Works well as either espresso or filter coffee.


Arabica Variety: Red Bourbon
Harvest Period: June- September 2020
Milling Process: Natural
Acidity: Low

Weight N/A

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Below is a quote by Marcos from their Bobolink web site:

“We changed the farm name to Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (Environmental Fortress Farm) and immediately banished all toxic materials, protected the springs, created green corridors for the wild life, and begun the process of bringing awareness to our people at the farm.
We started to add fruit trees to our coffee plantations ( such as bananas, mango, avocado) and coffee seedlings to our secondary forests.

We also started to motivate our people to continue education and promoted social integration, personal development, healthy and natural eating habits, and personal skills.

Although we were having very positive progress, we later learned that it was not enough to save FAF. The water from our springs run clean at FAF, but continue to the neighbors; the birds that nest at FAF fly all over, people come and go…..
We decided to expand our area and invite our neighbors to to join us in protecting the environment and create a much wider free and clean zone for the Bobolinks.

The ‘Bob-o-Link’ Coffee is a result of a network of farmers, located in one of the best regions for coffee in Brazil, which have in common the vision of producing the best coffees, with sustainable agriculture methods, that reduce the “heavy footprints” of humans on earth, promoting harmony between men and our Nature.

The ‘Bob-o-Link’ coffees are produced mostly in the Mountain Mogiana Region ( States of São Paulo and Minas Gerais), at altitudes that vary from 900m to 1,400m high, with Arabica coffee varieties such as Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Catuai.

Most of our FAF coffee farmers are formed by small properties , run by single or extended families, located at the top of the mountains, the perfect environment for the best coffees. The beans are picked selectively and dried in terraces next to their homes, close to their eyes.

Since these farms are on the top of the mountains, most have more that one spring in their property. The tradition is that only the first user gets clean water, due to improper dispose of waste and due to the agro-toxics used on the land. Also, the top of the mountains have always been covered by the rainforest trees. But to maximize the use of the land for more production area…..the trees are the first to go and the sprigs get full sun exposure….

The ‘Bob-o-Link’ farmers are part of the FAF network that will promote awareness for the increase of Quality Coffee that keeps the springs protected, create green corridors on the water ways, reduce the use of toxic material, and keep the trees to shade the coffee and create a healthy place for people and for the Bobolinks.

The ‘Bob-o-Link’ Coffee has the mission to deliver the Finest Quality Coffees with the message of Awareness of Preservation and Culture Integration.
Our goal is to allow the Bobolink flocks of all spices back and to spread the Sustainability seeds for a better, healthier, happier and peaceful world.”

To learn more, check out their video below: