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The cooperative society RAEK located in the town of Katana baffled our wholesaler @thissideupcoffees when they first arrived there in March, 2017. A state of the art washing station, organic fertilisation and reforestation schemes, a cupping score of 87,53 in the “Saveur du Kivu” competition of 2015 – and yet only one buyer, albeit a very loyal one (Oxfam). This is partly due to the fact that East Congo is still being discovered by the specialty coffee industry, and partly because almost no one had ever heard of the specialty coffee phenomenon. Whatever the case, this was a situation that needed to change.

Because of the coop’s good prices and honest payment ethic, farmers are flocking to RAEK to become members. At the same time, the coop had many institutional and financial challenges these last years. They survived partly because of the energy and perseverance of its loyal manager: lifelong coffee farmer and agronomist Désiré Zagabe – and partly because of the unwavering support of Stefaan Calmeyn and Oxfam. On our first visit with Agriterra in 2017, we invited the farmers to roast and cup their own coffees for the first time. In 2018, we connected them to our friends at Abakundakawa Rushashi to teach them to make naturals to save water and diversify. Finally this season, we have their washeds and naturals in stock. Expect beautifully bright flavours of tropical and stone fruits in a light body for the washed, and more dried fruit flavours and a syrupy body for the natural.

Altitude 1600-1800m

Species Arabica Typica & Bourbon

 Harvest Period June to October

 Harvest Type Fully Washed at micro-mills: wet fermented for 12 hours, washed with mountain water, shade dried and pre-sorted, then sun dried on raised beds.


Weight N/A
Brew Method

Aeropress, Batch Brewer, Cafetiere, Espresso Machine, Moka Pot, Pourover

Ground or Wholebean

Ground, Wholebean

Bag Size

250g, 1000g

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This is a really wonderful coffee.

The Kivu region of the Congo is not an easy place to be a strong producer cooperative, so those who can take advantage of the region’s incredible growing qualities deserve a clear window to the world.

We are proud to present the coffees of Ngula and Katana, two villages that formed cooperatives to use coffee to create stability in a place that has known more unrest and sorrow than most of us can imagine. This is our very first coffee from the Congo, and our very first from the wonderful people at This Side Up, a wholesaler based in the Netherlands who share our ethos for organic coffee from sustainable producers and paying substantially more for quality.

Tasting notes of Stone Fruits flavours with a syrupy body