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We’re a small speciality coffee roastery based in the Burren in County Clare. We roast organic coffees, sourced seasonally and our range of coffees change every few months. We’re proud to work together with Avolon to showcase some of our very best coffees.

You’ll find details on this month’s current coffee below. You can now also purchase this coffee for sale directly on our website and we’ll deliver to your home at a preferential rate.

For the last few months of 2023, we have a beautiful coffee from the region of Tolima in Colombia. This region is located at the central south of the country and close to Bogota.
Planadas was the place where the FARC started as guerillas and this place was considered for decades by the Government as isolated and forgotten. But coffee has been an engine of peace in this region since the peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian government. In fact, this region is now known as one of the most important coffee producing areas of high quality in Colombia.

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Espresso, Filter

We fell in love with this coffee, which is part of a high altitude organic production (1600 – 2000m). Fully washed, processed then fermented, the coffee is produced from arabica varieties such as bourbon, typica, caturra, castillo and colombia, which are very rare today. The main crop takes place from May to June (70%). This coffee has flavour notes of chocolate, hazelnut & vanilla great as espresso, and for milk based coffee drinks.

This coffee is produced by two cooperatives of indigenous coffee growers – more thanĀ 240 families from the NASA WE’SX community – on Planadas and Gaitania terroirs. Every farmer owns about 2 or 4 hectares. These terroirs are protected lands for these native peoples, with more then 6000 trees per hectare. They are the caretakers of one of the largest natural reserves in Colombia. This land and their beliefs, of caring for Mother Earth, make them the best allies to produce one of the most delicious coffees with organic principles in Colombia.